Fraud Prevention

Verified by Visa

We’ve built and certified our own VBV product to assure that our customers would have the best in security and that we could keep our prices in line with our philosophy of delivering the highest quality and the lowest price possible.

MasterCard SecureCode

MasterCard chose to operate a similar program utilizing the Verified by Visa platform to assure uniformity for merchants and cardholders.


As many of these types of fraudulent transactions are not “one off” attempts (usually several credit cards are tried in one session) we have developed IP Guard. The IPGuard is a system that records the originating IP address of all transactions made. If a second transaction is attempted from the same IP address within 24 hours it will be blocked at the server and the client will see a message stating that the transaction was not allowed and provide an email link or phone number for contacting the hosting organization. As most individuals want the ability to test a number of credit cards in one session we have found this system to be an excellent deterrent to using our clients as unknowing assistants and victims in these crimes. Note: if more than one individual is using a particular IP address to donate, in the case of a fundraiser with multiple terminals in one room at the same time, you would need to give us advanced notice so we can temporarily shut down IPGuard during this period of time.


GeoGuard is another product that can be used to reduce fraudulent transactions. GeoGuard is a geography based protection system, which can be implemented to only allow visitors from certain countries access to the donation form. All our clients have to do is tell us which countries you wish to receive donations from and we will block any attempt at a transaction from all other countries. If visitors from any of the blocked countries attempt to process a transaction they will be presented with a page outlining why they can’t use the form and give them an email link or phone number to contact to arrange an alternate method of making a donation.


CVV2 is a 3-digit security code that is printed on the back of your Visa or MasterCard (or front of AMEX). The number appears on the signature strip after the last four digits of your account number. The signature strip may contain your entire account number or just the last four digits of your account number. The CVV2 will appear after the last four digits of your account number. CVV2 is used to verify that you have possession of the credit card you are attempting to use. Availability depends on whether or not your financial institution supports this function.

AVS (Address Verification System)

The process of validating a cardholder's given address against the issuer's records, to determine accuracy and deter fraud. This service can be provided as part of a credit card authorization for online transactions only for selected merchant accounts.

Robot Detection

Our forms are programmed to block any activity which bears the signature of an automated submission by robots. This is based on a combination of the user's activity on the page and the data submitted in the post to the server.


We have a custom-programmed set of advanced fraud detection routines running on all transactions that will identify fraudulent activity and prevent further transactions from being processed by the fraudsters.