Navigation Inc. launches two new online charitable giving services, Donor Management System and Donor Form Management System

Jul 15, 2005 Inc. launches two new online charitable giving services, Donor Management System and Donor Form Management System!
VANCOUVER, British Columbia--(BUSINESS WIRE)-July 15, 2005-C.N Wylie Group Inc. today announced the launch of two new online fundraising services through Inc.

Donor Management System
The Donor Management System provides charities and not-for-profits with the ongoing ability to manage their flow of online donations. This system streamlines the donor support functions including updating donor information, ease of issuing and management of tax receipts as well as statistical reporting.

Some of the functionality includes: Search donation records for a particular donation or donor by a variety of parameters
Correct and update data before generating replacement tax receipts
Generate replacement tax receipts that can be printed and mailed
Handle donor, donation and tax receipt queries quickly and efficiently
View general donation statistics
Data download functionality for spreadsheet creation or upload to another database application
Allow the donor to update personal information through access to a personal donor area
Allow the donor to add/edit information for recurring donations - amounts, recurring date and credit card information

Donation Form Management System The Donation Form Management System allows charities and not-for-profits to customize/create online donation forms without compromising online security. This particular system fits a charity or not-for-profit that wants in-house ability to modify donation form components on an ongoing basis.

Some of the functionality includes:
Adding/deleting/ordering campaign designations
Changing the look and feel of the forms by adding new html and artwork
Add/ change various text areas on the donation form
Change gift array amounts
Add new donation forms for specific campaigns
Change thank you letter text

C.N. Wylie Group Inc.
Since 1994, C.N. Wylie Group Inc and Strategic Profits Inc. have developed innovative, proprietary software solutions in four key areas. All software is designed to assure there are no breaks in security anywhere in the chain of software components delivered to our customer", explains CEO, Catherine Pagliaro, " The incorporation of the four new companies representing the four core brand technologies sets the stage for an aggressive rollout throughout the Unites States, Europe and Asia-Pacific over the next 18 months." Inc.
Founded in 1998 during the pilot. offers charities and not-for-profits a full range of e-philanthropy management tools for cost effective fundraising online as well as to help decrease operating costs.